Report: Before Asiana Crash, Government Was Warned About Problems With Airplane Escape Slides


After Asiana flight 214 crash-landed on the runway on July 6, passengers went for the inflatable emergency slides to escape the wreckage. But several of the slides reportedly malfunctioned, leading to increased panic in an already terrifying situation. The Federal Aviation Administration was concerned with the safety of escape slides on passenger jets even before the fatal crash at San Francisco International Airport last summer, NBC Bay Area reports.

Over the years, the National Transportation Safety Board “has recommended multiple improvements to escape slides, and the Federal Aviation Administration has collected thousands of complaints about them,” NBC Bay Area reported. The station also reported that two months before the Asiana crash, regulators issued a safety alert for slides on the Boeing 777-200ER — the model of jet involved in the crash.

Two slides inflated inside the cabin in the immediate aftermath of the Asiana 214 crash. Flight attendants were reportedly pinned underneath them. Crew members were forced to deflate the slides using an ax. Of the 307 passengers aboard the plane, two died in the crash. A third died later from injuries relating to the incident.


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