American Horror Story: Coven


By: David Villanueva

Well Episode 1 aired last night and after soaking it all in, I must say American Horror Story has done it again!!! Take away the new superstar thespian add ons and you have what looks to be another great American Horror Story being told. See… If your new to American Horror Story (AHS) you don’t know the joys us veterans get when season premier time comes around. AHS is “almost” like your everyday sitcom where you have your main cast, and if the show’s GOOD you grow to love these characters. You look forward to seeing them next season. WELL… AHS said “let’s use this … And do this.” What I mean by that is that they have a main cast, but each season the story changes. And these ACTORS (not Characters) that you grow to love get to show each season why their great! First season revolves around (every American Horror ) ghosts, a damaged marriage, and high school bullying. Season 2 was titled American Horror Story : Asylum in which the title alone tell you this revolves around the scares of the being sane, and being stuck in a mental asylum. Along with a slasher horror too. See the Story always has it’s obvious premise but ALWAYS ends with a twist!!!

So here we are Season 3 and AHS Coven. Revolves around Witches, Voodoo, and the rest we will find out! Last night’s episode showed us newcomers Kathy Bates (“Titanic”, “About Schmidt”), Angela Bassett (“How Stella Got Her Groove Back“, “Malcolm X”), Gabourey Sidibe (“Precious”, “Tower Heist”) and so far their additions have not disappointed! The opening scene alone set the tone! So for the premier day I will not post any spoilers!! But episode 2 the gloves come off!!! So I suggest you catch episode 1 and prepare for another American Horror Story.


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