Rep. Chris Van Hollen Declares Republican House Purposefully Keeping Government, Democracy Shutdown


As of today, Sunday, October 13, 2013, the government has been shutdown for 13 days. The blame for this shutdown can be placed on many people and groups but at this point, finding a solution is the main focus now. With that being said, one has to wonder why any member or group in congress would try to derail progress to end the shutdown, but, as the video below shows, it appears the house republicans are doing exactly that.

Just to fully explain this video, Rep. Chris Van Hollen, (D) Maryland, tried to get the house to adopt a measure from the U.S. Senate that could end the shutdown, an act that any member of the House can do, and he was told that he could not because of a new rule that was implemented right before the shutdown took effect. That rule basically states that only the Speaker of the House or his designate can introduce anything to be voted on, essentially saying that if the Speaker doesn’t like the measure, it will never be heard.  With such tyranny in the House, it’s no wonder that we can’t resolve these issues. As we enter day 14 on Monday, one can only hope we can overcome all these obstacles and reopen the government.

(P.S. Thanks to Elliott Serrano of Chicago for bring this video to my attention. You can read his articles in the Red Eye or follow him on twitter @elliottserrano)


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