R&B Isn’t Dead, But It’s Comatose


As I go through my daily (actually hourly) quest to find things on the internet that speak to myself and others on an intellectual level, I came across a blog that I found hard to navigate from. The author of this blog, Dara Tafakari, expressed disappointment about her favorite genre of music, R&B, being near death. Her carefully chosen words made me think about my own love affair with music as I grew up, and how today’s music is so far away from the music I know. It especially hit home when I realized that the BET awards were on tonight and not only did I have no desire to watch, but I did not even hear my colleagues, who are very versed in music, especially R&B and Hip-hop, talk about it. Just 10 years ago, the intrigue of such an event would have us talking for at least a week prior. So I ask you, our loyal fans and future listeners, to give this well written post a read, and let us know your opinion on the decline of Rhythm & Blues.

Kevin Gray



R&B Isn’t Dead, But It’s Comatose.


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