Protesters Call For Kimmel To Get Hook


On Saturday, protesters in three cities, Burbank, Houston, and Phoenix, targeted ABC studios to protest the October 16th segment of “Jimmy Kimmel Live” where one of the late night host’s tiniest guests suggested that we should “kill everyone in China.” The comment was made by a young boy during an unscripted segment called “Kids’ Table,” after Kimmel asked a roundtable of children how the United States should repay its $1.3 trillion debt to China. Both ABC and Kimmel have since apologized for the comment, and are no longer airing “Kids’ Table.”

“I just want to say I am sorry. I apologize. It was certainly not my intent to upset anyone,” said Kimmel, however, Chinese-American groups and protesters refuse to accept the apology.

According to a Burbank Police Department spokesperson, crowds “swelled up to 1,500 protesters” at the 2300 block of Riverside Drive after some demonstrators went into a restricted area near ABC Studios at 9:30 a.m. Over 100 protesters gathered outside the ABC 15 studios in Phoenix. In response to the controversial skit, they chanted, “Teach kids no hatred,” “No fake apology,” and “Shame on you ABC” for 20 minutes, before relocating. In Houston, several hundred protesters reportedly flooded the intersection of Westheimer and Post Oak Blvd. and urged ABC to stop racism against the Chinese and fire Jimmy Kimmel.

This is not the first organized protest either, last month groups protested in New York City in an immediate response to the skit. They  held signs that compared the late night host to Hitler and accused him of “manipulating children.”


Outside of the apology, neither ABC nor Kimmel have released any statement on the matter. Does Jimmy Kimmel deserve to be fired over this joke? Check out the clip then let us know in the poll below:


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