Words You Should Never Say


By: Kevin Gray

When you are a public figure, no matter how influential your are personally, you are always under a microscope. It considered the price of fame, people love and celebrate you until you show them you are indeed human, then they trash you till you can’t take it anymore. It’s a high cost, but those who live the live will probably tell you they wouldn’t give it up for anything. That is why I can’t understand why anyone would risk this life just to say things that any regular person would have a hard time living down. It boggles my mind when I see athletes and celebrities and even political figures say things that you just shouldn’t say.

The first person that recently struck a cord with his choice of words is Los Angeles Clippers forward, Matt Barnes. In his defense, many NBA fans don’t like him already but still there is no excuse for his actions. After injecting himself into an altercation between his teammate Blake Griffin and the Oklahoma City Thunder’s Serge Ibaka, Barnes was ejected from the game with 6.2 seconds left in the second quarter. Then, while in the locker room during the third quarter, he sent out a tweet that stated:5392721-Matt-Barnes-takes-frustration-to-Twitter

Seriously dude, you tweet this during a game? You use a word that should never be used by anyone and then you curse on top of that. The worst thing about this is he has proclaimed to the world that he no longer has his teammates back. I know Barnes is consider a good defender and an enforcer on the court but should teams distance themselves from this guy already? Is 5.5 points per game worth that much?

Another thing that should never come out of a person’s mouth while in public is an insult towards another persons family. Apparently  that is something that the Detroit Pistons new point guard, Brandon Jennings, never learned. Wednesday night Jennings took to twitter to ask how one player had a spot on a team when two players that are better in his eyes don’t have a team.jr_jennings_3

One person who didn’t like that tweet, you guessed it, JR Smith. It’s one thing to claim another player don’t have what it takes, but to call out a family member that is just bush league. To add injury to the insult it was Smith who got fined by the NBA because of the tweets he sent in response, although they don’t seem that threatening to me, it cost him $25,000. You can judge them for yourself below:



Last but not least, don’t say things just cause you think it’s the right thing to say. Rapper Drake recently told Vibe magazine that he was reluctant to shoot the video in some familiar places, not because he wouldn’t be welcomed, but more so the burden of fame and fortune. “If anybody knows anything about the South and how it is, it’s tough to go around people who could use your help and you can’t help everybody. . . ” commented Drake, “It’s like a guilt or a burden that comes over me, so I hadn’t gone to Memphis in a long time.”
So let me get this straight, Mr. Started from the Bottom is afraid to go to a poor neighborhood because he can’t help everyone? Yeah that’s the perfect thing to say to your fan base. He basically is saying I made it now and I am too good for you. The worst part this is he still goes down to Memphis and shoots his video with all it’s glitz and glamour and makes it look like he represents the area only to open his mouth and torch the area. That’s something that Justi Timberlake would never do. Just Saying.




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