Facebook Partners With SportStream: Hopes To Promote Sports Chatter


Ever since the launch of Twitter, an online war has been waged between the two biggest social media sites, Twitter and Facebook. Today Facebook hopes they have taken steps to win the war over your 140 characters.

Facebook has long seemed to have the upper hand on Twitter, except when it comes to sports. Twitter has always been the leader in trash talk or do you just see that arena. In a move to grab some social sports chatter away from Twitter, Facebook has partnered with SportStream to close the gap.

SportStream is a company that utilizes its patent-pending technology to surface the highest quality tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram media, stats, news and more for every league, game, team and player across sports. A new partnership means that SportStream can now have access to the Keyword Insights API that anonymously aggregates trends of what Facebook users are privately posting about. They will also have the Public Feed API – a collection of what users are specifically sharing in public posts. Because so much information can be collected, info graphics can be produced to show anything the world may want to know about sports

Facebook is making an effort to be the go to place for sports chatter, and while it will be hard to steer traffic away from the already heavily used Twitter, this partnership is certainly a start.



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