Was The NFL Close To Having Openly Gay Player(s)?


By: Kevin Gray

The idea of an openly gay player in the NFL is not a far fetched one, in fact to think that there isn’t at least on person among the 2,000 plus active NFL players who is gay is naive at best. Over recent years, the idea of an active player in any sport revealing themselves was a much discussed topic in the media. Then it finally happened, not one, not two, but three active sports stars revealed their secret.

First it was the NBA’s Jason Collins, a journeyman center who last played with the Washington Wizards.  Although a few teams seemed interested, he has not been signed since his reveal. Then there was Brittney Griner, the top pick in the 2013 WNBA draft and former NCAA standout at Baylor. In an interview with SI.com on April 17, 2013, Griner acknowledged that she is lesbian, of course there was no way a team was going to abandon their first round pick, especially one as talented as Griner, so she was virtually unaffected. Last but not least there was the WWE’s Darren Young coming out as the first openly gay professional wrestler. As expected, Young has actually seen an increase in success since “coming out.”  But the question still remains, will any NFL player come out and can the league handle such a thing.

With recent events in the Miami Dolphins locker room, one might feel the NFL is far from ready for an openly gay player, but according to reports, the NFL was close to having one or two this season.

From Bleacher Report:

The team had decided yes. The player had decided the same. It was set. It was going to happen. An NFL player was going to publicly say he was gay and then play in the NFL.

What happened before that moment showed how parts of the NFL are progressive and ready for change. Then, what happened next showed how the sport is still in some ways fearful of it.

To read more on this check out the  MIKE FREEMAN (NFL NATIONAL LEAD WRITER)  article here.


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