Race Profiling Hit New Low In Florida


Earl Sampson works for 207 Quickstop in Miami Gardens, Florida, in fact he has worked there for the last four years, but apparently police don’t seems to care. You see, over the same four year span, Sampson has been stopped and questioned 258 times, searched more than 100 times, and jailed 56 times. The crime he’s being accused of, trespassing at the 207 Quickstop, the very same place he works.

Racial profiling is a rising problem in major US cities, and the cases have become more high profile recently  because of social media. Between the travesty and injustice from the Trayvon Martin murder and trial, the inexplicable killing of Renisha McBride who was murdered while asking for help after a car accident, and the latest reprehensible police action in San Francisco where the appear to assault several people after arresting and assaulting a young black man for no apparent reason, something has to change. That is where Earl’s boss comes in.

Alex Saleh, the 207 Quickstop’s owner, was so troubled by seeing Sampson and other black men being stopped, frisked and cited for apparently minor infractions (or for no reason at all) that he installed video cameras to capture the activity. He has also told police on multiple occasions that Sampson works for him. Saleh is planning on filing a federal civil rights lawsuit on behalf of Sampson and others he believes have been racially profiled.

“I never felt they had any probable cause,” Sampson told the Miami Herald. “They hop out of the car and search me before they even ask me for my name. … We have people shooting, killing, robberies. This is really ridiculous that they spend so much time arresting people for trespassing.” Ridiculous, yes, illegal, possibly, unethical, there’s no doubt. [Source]

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