Beyonce’s On Top….Literally


by Toyin Alaka

I admire her business savvy to drop an entire album complete with music videos without even a hint of when it would be released.  She as eschewed the typical publicity buzz that’s generated when you drop a few singles first before completing the album to see how people would react to it.  Instead she dropped it and said here it all is, giving people an all or nothing.   With the way the music industry is this bold move made a statement and created a different type of buzz.  This move is definitely applauded, it’s become difficult for artists to find different ways to promote albums.  It’s set a bar that has earned appreciation from most.

What about the music itself? Does it matter if you only like some songs and not all? Perhaps the goal is if you listen to all of it (because you have no choice), it will all grow on you.

She is a lot more sexually explicit than normal and the beehive might clamor for that because they think she’s being more open.  I’m not convinced.  The song Runway Part II on Jay Z’s Magna Carta album reveals more.

I can appreciate that she is feeling expressive, however I’m not moved by all of it.

Is it hypocritical of me to want an artist to switch things up from their normal formula and then not embrace it when they do?  I don’t know, I guess we do accept certain things from certain artists.  Some can be blatantly sexy and get away with it while others you just think that might be too much coming from them.

Bey has always hinted at her sexy side and I got it and loved it when she said “my guilty pleasure I ain’t going no where”.  On this album the blatant references to sex, “Yonce all on his mouth like liqueur”, “riding that with my surfboard, grinding on that wood with my surfboard” has me doing double takes, did she just say that.  I’m simply not used to it.   Why did she decide to reveal this side now? A new sense of freedom, perhaps?  I’m a woman, I can say and do anything?

Not all of it is about sex: Pretty Hurts (classic Beyonce and expected), Haunted (a little different), Flawless (A female anthem with a demand for respect again expected), Superpower, Heaven, Blue (about a mother’s love for her child).  The album is a little disjointed for me however the music videos add the extra.  She says the music and the videos go together.  Perhaps a better move would have been to just release the videos……

Not many artists can pull that move and get away with it.  She has definitely reached that height in her career and has enough of a following to make it work.  So, yes if you are Beyonce you can drop your album in the middle of the night without a peep that it was coming making your fans and non-fans admire this genius move.


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