American Hustle Wins Big, Golden Globes’ Host Shine

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler host the 71st annual Golden Globe Awards

There has to be something about Tina and Amy, It must be as the duo of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler kicked off award show season in spectacular fashion as hosts of the 71st Golden Globe Awards. The opening segment was just the right amount of comedy and tradition and they knew just how to make boring moments (like the announcement of Miss Golden Globes) fun.

As for the actual awards, the big winner was “American Hustle” as they took home the award for Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy; Best Actress In A Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy (Amy Adams); and Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture (Jennifer Lawrence). “Dallas Buyers Club” took home two awards as the won for Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Drama (Matthew McConaughey) and Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture (Jared Leto).



On The TV side, “Breaking Bad” had a fond farewell as they picked up the award for Best TV Series, Drama and Best Actor in a TV Series, Drama (Bryan Cranston). On the comedy side, “Brooklyn 99” pulled off the same feat as they won for Best Comedy and Actor in a Comedy (Andy Samberg), although some feel that comedies such as “Modern Family” should have won. As for the non traditional shows on Netflix, they were only able to walk away with one award which went to “House Of Cards” for Best Actress in a TV Series, Drama (Robin Wright). Although the streaming service did not steal the show, they were well represented as their shows had six nominations, and I am sure next year will be more as shows like “Orange Is the New Black” gain momentum. 

For the list of all the winners click here.

Overall the 71st Golden Globe Awards had ups and downs but was an entertaining three hours, which is something you can’t say about most award shows. Through all the speeches and bits and controversy, the most important think about the night was the art and for one night, the art was on display at it’s best.

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