New App Promises To Clean Up Your Social Media Life

460795632_640 (1)

In the ever-advancing world of social media, it has become increasingly more important to keep your social networks clear of unnecessary followers and likes that spam your accounts. That is why Ajax, a company known for cleaning products, has created an app that does just that. The Ajax Social Wipes App goes through your Twitter and Facebook followers, likes, and friends and offers to wipe away all those who seem to send you endless spam.

How does it work? Well, for Twitter, the Ajax service rates each of the accounts you’re following, as well as those that are following you, and displays the ones it thinks may be spambots — accounts that were created for the purposes of cramming your feed full of promotional or spammy ad content. From the results screen, you can easily block or unfollow an account or report it to Twitter as spam.

After logging into the Facebook side of the app, you’ll see a page showing everything you’ve ever “liked.” More importantly, what you’re looking at is a tiled listing of every brand or company page that can post to your News Feed. From here you can simply mouse over any of the brand page tiles that you’ve decided you want to wipe out: Click the blue “Like” button and it’s gone.

To use the app just visit and sign in with your facebook and/or twitter amd the app will do the rest.


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