McDonald’s Employee Busted For Selling Heroin Out Of Work

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If you order the number 6 meal with a special wink, you get the extra add-on I guess thats how that goes right? Well it must have at this one McDonald’s.

A McDonald’s employee who recently served time in prison on a narcotics charge has been arrested for allegedly selling heroin from the fast food restaurant, police report.

Theodore Levon Upshaw, 28, was busted yesterday after selling “20 stamp bags of heroin” to a confidential police informant.

While Wednesday’s transaction took place in the eatery’s parking lot–after Upshaw took a break from work–the informant had “previously made multiple purchases of heroin” from Upshaw inside the McDonald’s in Murrysville, a municipality in Westmoreland County.

Following the buy, cops busted Upshaw–who was wearing his work uniform–on several felony narcotics charges, including heroin possession and delivery of heroin. He was booked into the county jail, where he is being held in lieu of…

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