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George Zimmerman to compete in celebrity boxing match

Educated Insanity

gamezimmerman First off why in the world are we even considering or potentially labeling this dude as a celebrity.

George Zimmerman – the man acquitted of murdering unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin in July 2013 – has signed up to take part in a celebrity boxing match.

Damon Feldman, the promoter organising the bout with the star, has confirmed that the fight will take place on 1 March, and that Zimmerman, who is, according to TMZ ‘open to fighting anyone… Even black people’, will donate any earnings he makes from the bout to charity.

Feldman is yet to find an opponent, but said he wasn’t looking to promote the event as “a race thing”.

“We haven’t discussed purple, yellow, white, black,” he added.

But one rapper of African-American decent, who has a tattoo of Zimmerman’s victim Martin on his leg, has offered to step into the ring.

“I would not be boxing for…

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Olivia A. Cole


Today I’m wondering what it takes for a black man to be regarded as human in America.

Today Richard Sherman is being lambasted for his animated post-game interview in which he dared to express emotion outside of the cubic centimeter men of color are allotted. A cornerback in one of the most physically demanding sports in the country—after a game in which bodies were injured and crushed; after a game that required players to be helped off the field—wins a critical game and has a microphone stuck in his face. He says what he says, and suddenly the nation is clutching its pearls, tutting and making pretend-concerned remarks about sportsmanship and graciousness. Today, Tom Brady criticizes Richard Sherman for his lack of “graciousness.” Today, Richard Sherman is being called a thug, and I’m wondering what that word really means.

Does it mean foul-mouthed? After all, Tom Brady was never called…

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Ron Burgundy Interviews Peyton Manning And Hilarity Insues

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Everyone’s favorite anchorman, Ron Burgundy, is doing a guest spot on ESPN Sportscenter on Thursday, and to prepare he taped an interview with Denver Broncos quarterback, Peyton Manning. Burgundy brought his usual brand of  comedy to the interview, but Manning held his own on the comedy side, despite not having a mustache. Check out a preview of the interview below courtesy of ESPN.

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues hits theaters December 18.

#Know1Knows…..Staying Classy

Was The NFL Close To Having Openly Gay Player(s)?


By: Kevin Gray

The idea of an openly gay player in the NFL is not a far fetched one, in fact to think that there isn’t at least on person among the 2,000 plus active NFL players who is gay is naive at best. Over recent years, the idea of an active player in any sport revealing themselves was a much discussed topic in the media. Then it finally happened, not one, not two, but three active sports stars revealed their secret.

First it was the NBA’s Jason Collins, a journeyman center who last played with the Washington Wizards.  Although a few teams seemed interested, he has not been signed since his reveal. Then there was Brittney Griner, the top pick in the 2013 WNBA draft and former NCAA standout at Baylor. In an interview with on April 17, 2013, Griner acknowledged that she is lesbian, of course there was no way a team was going to abandon their first round pick, especially one as talented as Griner, so she was virtually unaffected. Last but not least there was the WWE’s Darren Young coming out as the first openly gay professional wrestler. As expected, Young has actually seen an increase in success since “coming out.”  But the question still remains, will any NFL player come out and can the league handle such a thing.

With recent events in the Miami Dolphins locker room, one might feel the NFL is far from ready for an openly gay player, but according to reports, the NFL was close to having one or two this season.

From Bleacher Report:

The team had decided yes. The player had decided the same. It was set. It was going to happen. An NFL player was going to publicly say he was gay and then play in the NFL.

What happened before that moment showed how parts of the NFL are progressive and ready for change. Then, what happened next showed how the sport is still in some ways fearful of it.

To read more on this check out the  MIKE FREEMAN (NFL NATIONAL LEAD WRITER)  article here.

Facebook Partners With SportStream: Hopes To Promote Sports Chatter


Ever since the launch of Twitter, an online war has been waged between the two biggest social media sites, Twitter and Facebook. Today Facebook hopes they have taken steps to win the war over your 140 characters.

Facebook has long seemed to have the upper hand on Twitter, except when it comes to sports. Twitter has always been the leader in trash talk or do you just see that arena. In a move to grab some social sports chatter away from Twitter, Facebook has partnered with SportStream to close the gap.

SportStream is a company that utilizes its patent-pending technology to surface the highest quality tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram media, stats, news and more for every league, game, team and player across sports. A new partnership means that SportStream can now have access to the Keyword Insights API that anonymously aggregates trends of what Facebook users are privately posting about. They will also have the Public Feed API – a collection of what users are specifically sharing in public posts. Because so much information can be collected, info graphics can be produced to show anything the world may want to know about sports

Facebook is making an effort to be the go to place for sports chatter, and while it will be hard to steer traffic away from the already heavily used Twitter, this partnership is certainly a start.


Weekend News Round-Up


Police Brutality Alleged In Bizarre Valencia Gardens Incident

Fights broke out Friday between police and residents of the Valencia Gardens housing complex near 15th Street after undercover officers initially, allegedly roughed up an unarmed 21-year-old man who was bicycling home after watching the Batkid festivities. A camera phone video has surfaced showing the tense aftermath in which other residents clashed with police and were taken into custody, at least one of them pretty well bloodied.


Killer Tornadoes Batter US Midwest states

Dozens of twisters and intense thunderstorms flattened buildings and swept away entire neighborhoods after a tornado was first spotted 145 miles south-west of Chicago yesterday. While six people have been confirmed dead, disrupted communications and blocked roads mean news of further fatalities could yet surface, Associated Press reported this morning. Images emerging from the 65 reported tornadoes – which whipped up wind speeds to 200 mph and rained down large hail stones – show downtown Chicago darkened and homes leveled across Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois and a small corner of Ohio.


Russia Seeks Answers Over Plane’s ‘Vertical’ Crash

A Russian plane that crashed killing all 50 on board plunged nose-first into the ground, officials said Monday, as investigators focused on a fault with the 23-year old plane or pilot error as the likely cause for the disaster. The Tatarstan Airlines’ Boeing 737-500 crashed on landing at the airport in the Volga city of Kazan after a flight from Moscow’s Domodedovo airport Sunday night, killing all 44 passengers and six crew on board, the emergencies ministry said.


Jimmie Johnson Wins 6th Sprint Cup Title

Soaked in sweat, champagne and success, Jimmie Johnson celebrated yet another NASCAR championship by sipping a beer. A six-pack would have been more appropriate. Back on top with only two NASCAR legends left to catch, Johnson won his sixth title in eight years Sunday to stake his claim as one of the most dominant competitors in sports history. Now looming large in Johnson’s windshield is the mark of seven titles held by Richard Petty and the late Dale Earnhardt.

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos

Broncos Hand Chiefs First Loss

Manning threw for 323 yards and a touchdown Sunday night and was barely touched by the Kansas City Chiefs’ sack-happy defense in Denver’s 27-17 victory over the NFL’s last undefeated team. It means the ’72 Dolphins can rest easy for another year. And it puts the Broncos and Chiefs in a tie atop the AFC West at 9-1, with a rematch set in two weeks.


‘Best Man’ Surprises, But ‘Thor’ Still Repeats

As the only new nationwide release this weekend, The Best Man Holiday exceeded all expectations with a very impressive $30 million haul. Still, superhero sequel Thor: The Dark World managed to hang on to first place.In its second weekend, Thor added $38.5 million for a 10-day total of $147 million. That’s down 55 percent from opening, which is steeper than the first Thor’s decline (47 percent), but a slight improvement over Iron Man 3 (58 percent). More importantly, that drop isn’t far off from Skyfall (53 percent), which opened on the same weekend last year.

NFL Week 9 Scoreboard: Chiefs Still Refuse To Lose


Week 9 continued this year’s trend of near record breaking numbers on offense. A week after Calvin Johnson but on a receiving tear, a few other wanted to get in on the action. Lets star in Oakland as the Raiders found themselves on the wrong side of history as the Philadelphia Eagles back up quarterback Nick Foles tied an NFL record with seven passing touchdowns in a game. The Raiders defense had no clue on how to stop Foles as he hooked up with four different receivers for scores, including three score to wideout Riley Cooper, as the Eagles cruised to a 49-20 win. Andre Johnson of the Houston Texans tried to show that he was as elite of a receiver as Calvin Johnson as Andre pilled up 229 yards receiving, but despite his best efforts, the Indianapolis Colts still came away with the win 27-24. The Texans also suffered a loss on their sideline as their coach, Gary Kubiak, suffered what they are calling a mini stroke while walking off the field for halftime. It is being said that he is in stable condition and should recover fully. The Kansas City Chiefs stayed unbeaten as they took out the Buffalo Bills 23-13. In St. Louis, Zac Stacy and Chris Johnson put on a show as they combined for over 275 yards rushing. In the end Johnson’s 150 yards proved better than Stacy’s 127, which led to the Tennessee Titans getting the 28-21 victory over the St. Louis Rams. On Monday night, the most historic rivalry in the NFL (if not all of sports), Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers, became the battle of the backups as a Shea McClellin first quarter sack of Aaron Rodgers put the QB on the sidelines. Josh McCown proved to be the better back up as he out played the Packers’ Seneca Wallace and led the Bears to a 27-20 victory. Here’s the rest of Week 9 scores:

Week 9: October 30 – November 5
Miami 22, Cincinnati 20 (OT) Dalton 338 Miller 105 Green 128
Kansas City 23, Buffalo 13 Tuel 229 Spiller 116 Bowe 67
Dallas 27, Minnesota 23 Romo 337 Peterson 140 Witten 102
Tennessee 28, St. Louis 21 Clemens 210 Johnson 150 Wright 69
NY Jets 26, New Orleans 20 Brees 382 Ivory 139 Graham 116
Washington 30, San Diego 24 (OT) Rivers 341 Morris 121 Garcon 172
Carolina 34, Atlanta 10 Newton 249 Jackson 57 Douglas 82
Philadelphia 49, Oakland 20 Foles 406 Jennings 102 Jackson 150
Seattle 27, Tampa Bay 24 (OT) Wilson 217 James 158 Baldwin 75
Cleveland 24, Baltimore 18 Campbell 262 McGahee 31 Little 122
New England 55, Pittsburgh 31 Brady 432 Ridley 115 Gronkowski 143
Indianapolis 27, Houston 24 Keenum 350 Tate 81 Johnson 229
Chicago 27, Green Bay 20 McCown 272 Lacy 150 Marshall 107
·Bye: DenverDetroitNY GiantsArizonaSan FranciscoJacksonville