The Chill Spot


Isaiah “Chill” Hawkins


Hello my name is Chill. I actually acquired my nickname from the classic movie “House Party” from the actor in the movie which also his name is Chill, first name Darryl. Starting back in 2011 Chill knew what he wanted and was prepared to achieve. Chill started out as a clear channel intern for the programming department and from there he went to work with a Chicago digital magazine called W.B.C. Then that’s when Chill went on to really digging into the Chicago music scene. Interviewing recording artist such as King Louie, Dylan Lloyd, and the Boy Illinois. Starting “The Chill Spot” back in school was his real first taste of the radio world. Now Chill is ready to take his show to new heights and with a co host by the name of LuLu. You’ll see the only place you will want to kick it with on and that’s “The Chill Spot.”

Lucia “LuLu” Crespo

unnamed (1)

Hello my name is Lucia A. Crespo and I graduated from Columbia College Chicago in

December 2011 with a B.A. in journalism. I am Latina, 25 and a Chicago native. My

first semester at school in 2007 I was majoring in Interior Architect but switched

to journalism the following semester. Writing has always been a passion of mine

since I was younger. Columbia gave me the opportunity to grow as an individual and

artistically. The courses I took at Columbia range from television, marketing, radio,

fashion, music business and other diverse classes. I believe that it was important

to take courses in different areas of study because I was able to get an idea of what

each one had to offer. Lastly, I took an Improvisation and acting class in high school

where I learned different elements of acting. Since college I have been working hard

to follow my goals and dreams and making them into reality. Dedication and being

persistent is what has helped continue to grow and become successful. It’s like that

quote says, “If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough.” I found this

to be very true because although I am scared at times I still manage to pull through

and never give up.


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