Educated Insanity w/ Jay Washington


You take a fast-rising quick-witted intelligent comedian and add in a touch of an ignorant but smart energetic radio personality, put it together with a mic and studio plus two hours to talk about the world and what do you get? “EDUCATED INSANITY.”

Jay Washington take topics from all around the world and cultures from sports, politics, entertainment, news plus more and have fun with them. Blend that in with in-studio guest from national and touring comedians to various other artist then you got something that shouldn’t be confined to just two hours….but due to that being the only time slot they had on the station IT IS. Come join the ride for two hours, Monday thru Friday, and follow the fun on them social networks too.

Educated Insanity with give you the latest in Entertainment News, Sports, Music and Gossip with a bit of ignorance.

Check out the blog at

Educated Insanity w/ Jay Washington Weekdays 3pm to 5pm



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