Ryan “Big Homey” Curry


Ryan “Big Homey” Curry
From Chicago’s Maywood community to your ears on the way to your
heart, Ryan Curry is ready to make you smile. The “Big Homey” graduated
from the Illinois Center For Broadcasting in 2010, the young trailblazer has
made his mark. As an intern for WGCI for nearly two years, Curry was
directly influenced by Chicago icons like UB Rodriguez and Leon Rogers
and eventually became an official employee of the WGCI family. The
member of Kappa Kappa Psi National Honorary Band Fraternity is also an
aspiring comedian who lives by a quote from rapper Rick Ross: “If I woke
up tomorrow and didn’t have a dollar…As long as I had my heart, I could
get it all over…” This funnyman, a fan of comedies and R&B music from
the 90s, is determined to steal the hearts of many, one listener at a time!!


Tune in to No Chill w/ Ryan Curry Every Tuesday From 7-9


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